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Performance Rabbit Feed Testimonial

One of our customers shares their experience with our 16% Rabbit Feed.

"I have been raising Mini Rex rabbits for almost 25 years, starting with 4-H, and moving on to showing nationally. We have been using your feed for a few months and are continuing our successful show season. We just returned from the New York Grand Finals Convention show and are proud to say we won "Best of Breed" and "Best Opposite of Breed," both shows with over 100 Mini Rex entries in both shows. I appreciate your feed quality and pricing. The feed has been doing very well for our rabbits. We just wanted to give a little shout-out to you and your crew for providing quality feed at an affordable price. We currently are using the 16% Performance Rabbit. The nutrients have provided the “oomph” we need to compete with the best!"

- Alyssa, 3SR Rabbitry

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