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Performance Poultry Feed Testimonial

One of our local dealers shares a customer's experience with our 16% Laying Mash.

"One of Rt 40 Aggregate & Feed's great customers switched to Performance Laying Mash after feeding the big box brands for years. Her hens quit laying last summer and she’d been getting zero production for months. Just TWO weeks after switching them to the Performance Feed brand they have started laying again! This is proof that there’s something to be said about the time and quality the “little guys” put into their products!"

Performance Feed is manufactured by Heritage Cooperative (formerly Hanby Farms) and based out of Nashport, Ohio. RT40 Aggregate & Feed is an authorized Performance Feed dealer and offers a wide variety of our feed options for many different species.

Call them today and speak to a staff member for more information!

800 National Pike W, Brownsville, PA 15417 Phone (724) 632-3331

Interested in trying this feed? Learn more about the product here:

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