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Allen's Feed & Supply: Hickory, PA

Performance Feed dealer since January 2020

In June of 2007, Shasta and Jeremy Allen acquired the Pritz Mill in Hickory, PA, to start down the path of business ownership. Having the flexibility of time is the lifestyle that Shasta wanted and being able to raise their kids while running the business was a definite value. After the acquisition of Pritz Mill, the name of the business was changed to Allen’s Feed & Supply, and the whole Allen family was involved in the feed business.

At the time, livestock feed in prepackaged and custom ground varieties were the primary offerings. Since then, many products have been added. Pet food, bird seed, wildlife supplies, animal health products, grass seed, garden seed, lime, and some fertilizers have been great additions. Even tractor parts, filters, oil, baling twine, net wrap, and silage wrap are available at Allen’s. They really try to have a little bit of everything a farm owner might need.

Today, 15 years later, the kids are well grown, and Shasta and Jeremy are busier than ever. Sure, there have been challenges, like getting products when needed and competing with chain stores that have moved into the area. However, Shasta and Jeremy have taken those challenges in stride and consider themselves fortunate to have a very supportive community. Having livestock of their own has made it easier to share knowledge from their own experiences to help customers out, which sets them apart from the big-box stores.

The future is bright for Allen’s Feed & Supply. “As long as people keep coming in, we’ll stay open," said the Allen's. "We really enjoy what we do.”

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