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Facts & Questions

Celebrating hundreds of showmen since 2015, the Junior Showman Rewards Program is returning for another year, presented by Performance Feed and Starmaster Show Feeds. In an effort to streamline the registration, rebate, and recognition processes, we've compiled a comprehensive list of questions and answers for both Participants and Dealers.

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How do I register for this year's program?

Registration for Participants and Dealers opens annually in Spring. See below for links to our registration forms. Please note registration deadlines; these dates will have no exceptions.

Which projects qualify for program rebates? / How much can I earn for my project?

You may register for a maximum of three species/livestock class projects per 12-month period. You can earn one rebate per specie for a total of three rebates per 12-month period.


Purchase of a single product can only be applied to one livestock project/Punch Card.

EXAMPLE: A showman can register for a Beef Steer & Dairy Steer, but NOT a Beef Steer AND Heifer. Similarly, a showman can register for a Pen of Market Lambs and a Pen of Market Rabbits, but NOT a Pen of Market Lambs and a Breeding Ewe.

What criteria are required to join the Junior Showman Rewards Program?

Qualified Participants must be between 9 and 18 years of age at the start of the showing year. NEW THIS YEAR: Participants must show in Junior Fair Shows. No Open Show projects will be eligible for apparel, rebates, or Champion rewards.

Am I able to participate if my Dealer is not listed on the registration form?

Showmen are required to select a participating Dealer during registration. They may write in their typical Dealer, however, if their store is not interested in participating, the showman will be contacted directly with a list of local JSRP Dealers.

JSRP Rebate Guide_04182024 update.png

Which products qualify for program rebates?

Any Performance Feed or Starmaster Show Feeds product may count as 1 unit toward 1 project. NEW THIS YEAR: Heritage Animal Nutrition SHOW IT brand show feeds will also count as qualifying products. See product lines below.

How do I track purchases for program rebates?

Dealers will assign Punch Cards to registered Participants. When making a qualifying product purchase, please remind the cashier to punch accordingly.

How will I receive apparel/Champion rewards?

Dealers will distribute 1 t-shirt to each registered Participant early in Summer. If you become a JSRP Champion, jackets and other rewards will be mailed directly to the Participant's home. 

How will I receive my project rebate?

Cash rebates will be distributed via Visa Rewards Gift Cards mailed directly to Participants' homes.

How do you become a JSRP Champion? / How do you earn Champion rewards?

Junior Showman Rewards Program members who win Grand or Reserve Champion in a Junior Fair Show qualify to become a JSRP Champion. NEW THIS YEAR: To receive recognition and Champion rewards*, you must provide a photo of you and your award/project animal to

Please note, photos must be submitted within 30 days from the last day of your fair to qualify for a Champion jacket & other rewards; this date will have no exceptions.

*One Champion jacket per participant, per 12-month period.

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