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River Side Farm Supply: Glenville, WV

Updated: May 11, 2022

Performance Feed dealer since January 2020

In March of 2017, Johnathon and Randi Sprouse’s vision came to life. The two saw a need in the community to have a more convenient, local supplier of feed and farm supplies and made plans to fill that need. Their original plan was to build a structure next to the river. They had chosen the name "River Side Farm Supply" because of the location and registered the name to make it official. However, a better opportunity came along in the form of an existing structure not so close to the river. So you won’t see a river at River Side Farm Supply, but you will see plenty of feed and supplies. Their current inventory includes vet supplies, fencing materials, gates, boots, pet foods, and more.

Most importantly, River Side Farm Supply focuses on customer service and community involvement. Supporting local 4-H and FFA youth programs and nearly every local fundraiser are a few of the ways the Sprouse's feel they can give back to the community that has supported them so well.

There have been challenges, of course. For example, finding a bank willing to work with a startup and getting established with reliable suppliers. More recently, dealing with the effects of a pandemic on certain product supplies. Randi takes it all in stride, with a smile on her face, and finds a way to work things out.

One product category that Randi does not worry about is feed. Since switching to Performance Feed, quality products, fair pricing, reliable delivery, and support after the purchase has become normal.

In the future, the Sprouse’s plan to stay competitive and continue to grow to better serve their community. After all, it is the community that has supported them well so far.

The community support is very welcome and a little surprising to the Sprouse’s. It is very likely a direct result of Randi and Johnathon’s attitude toward the community, “be good to your customers, and they will be good to you.”

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