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Promotional Materials

Performance Feed is excited to officially offer promotional marketing materials to our trusted dealer network! In addition to point-of-sale materials, please feel free to use the images to the right on your social media channels.


If you are passing the promotion on to your customers, the first graphic is for you. If not, please feel free to use the second graphic. The captions are examples, please feel free to edit them as you see fit.

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your Performance Feed Rep or message the Marketing Team through the Performance Feed Facebook!


1. Using your mouse, right click on the image you want to use. Select "Save Image As...", give it a name, and click "Save". The image can now be uploaded directly into social media from your computer.

2. Post at times your customers are most active on social media! (Weekdays from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.)

3. Add your own hashtags that are relevant in your area and/or to your customers.


4. Be sure to tag @PerformanceFeedNashport in your posts for even more exposure!

FEBRUARY 2024 - Social Media Graphic with Deal


Did you hear? #TrueBlue tubs are now 10% off!


Drop in to your local Performance Feed Dealer and stock up on @Vitalix #4 Natural 22 Tubs, perfect for winter supplementation in your herd. ❄️🐮

#AnimalNutrition #PerformanceFeed #Vitalix


FEBRUARY 2024 - Social Media Graphic without Deal


Fuel your herd's success with the power-packed #4 Natural 22 tubs. 🐮💪


Packed with protein, vitamins and minerals, your entire herd can benefit from the @Vitalix #TrueBlue advantage.


Stop in to your local Performance Feed Dealer today to stock up!

#CattleNutrition #FeedTheHerd #PerformanceFeed

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