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Meadow View Farm Supply: Thornton, WV

Performance Feed Dealer since July 2020

In 2017, Luke Bolyard opened his store to provide the local community a more convenient place to buy livestock feeds. There was no existing feed dealer within 15-20 miles at the time. Today, four short years later, Meadow View Farm Supply has successfully met that goal and much more.

At startup, Luke sold furniture and feed but soon realized selling additional products would benefit his operation. The store added products including lawn & garden supplies, plants, fencing supplies, and even opened a convenience store section. These additional product lines have contributed to the overall success of

the operation.

Of course, there have been challenges. At startup, it was mainly trying to determine what items would sell and what wouldn’t. Today, the most prevalent challenge is the product shortages created by the global pandemic.

There have been many decisions along the way as Luke has evaluated different opportunities. According to Luke, the best decision he has made was to add show feeds to his offering. Doing so has allowed him to help local 4-H and FFA youth in a significant way. It has quickly become Luke’s passion. Luke says it’s one of the ways he gives back to the community as a thank-you for their

“amazing support.”

The future looks good as well for Meadow View Farm Supply as more and more people in the area are “going back to their roots.” It was a bit of a surprise for Luke just how many people have a few animals. But now, with rising costs and uncertainty of supplies, more people are starting to produce their own meat and eggs, and Meadow View Farm Supply will continue to be their go-to source for everything needed to do that.


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