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We know Star Igniter works, but here’s what a few of our satisfied customers have said about it....

"Since adding Igniter to our creep feed and finishing rations, our lambs’ appetite and growth have been tremendous. Digestive problems and going off feed have become a thing of the past.  Our show lambs handle the stress of the summer show circuit much better now and our ewe lambs grow with tremendous bloom.  Star Igniter will always be an important part of our feeding regimen!”
Ken Parrott - Cold Creek Club Lambs

"This product was put to the test and I have to report that this product is well worth the money. Our lambs were not sick and seemed to have a lot of active energy. The lambs even ate during the heat. The one main thing we did notice that it helped with weight gain. This product gets 5 Stars! We will continue to use this product for it is a must have for any show season.”
Jamie Jordan

"As soon as I started feeding STAR Ignitor it was amazing the increase in feed consumption. It seemed like the lambs never took their heads out of the feeder. Throughout the duration of feeding, the lambs had no respiratory or scour issues. Each year I take lambs to different sales and throughout weather changes and stress they took it in stride. In 2016, I put five lambs on a trailer to Maine and they handled the trip well and remained on feed. With what I have seen from using STAR Ignitor in my feeding program it will always be part of my regimen.”
Mark A. Lee - M and M Farms

“No matter what time of the day it is, by implementing Star Igniter into my feed program my animals never miss a meal, under any circumstance”
Traci King

“My family exhibits lambs at the Preble County Fair in Eaton, OH.  I had never used Igniter until this year and boy am I a believer now!  Never had one issue with stomachs and I mixed and matched more this year than ever in the past, all due to the confidence in the Igniter.”
Andy Campbell

  “Every once in a while a product comes along that is worth making note of.  Star Igniter from Starmaster Feeds is one of those products. 
  Feeding show pigs most of the year, for the last 20 years, we have seen our share of sick animals. Since using the Star Igniter product the last three years I have almost completely eliminated giving any shots for sickness and zero veterinarian visits to the farm. Also of note these pigs for the most part were purchased through public sales, therefore being exposed to all kinds of sickness and stress related complications.
   The end results I am seeing are, healthier pigs, better feed uptake, resulting in faster growing pigs with less complications normally seen in show pigs
   I definitely recommend giving Star Igniter from Starmaster Feeds a try and experience the great results.”
Mark Cooper

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