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"Quiet Power is literally a lifesaver.

I have several different breeds and body types of horses. As a rescuer, I have used Quiet Power on Thoroughbreds, Quarters, and even ponies. Within one month, you can see the difference. Not only in weight gain, but muscle, hair sheen, and digestion. Nothing replenishes them as quickly and safely as Quiet Power. Each horse gets only 2 lbs twice a day for optimal digestion and health benefits, and much less a day for ponies!

This feed really packs a punch! Quiet Power's consistent, safe weight gain and maintenance keeps even my oldest gelding a champ in the show ring. It's the feed that imperative to keep the hardest horses in optimal shape and health"

                                                                       Jennifer Holtz - Utica, Ohio

"I love Quiet Power because I feed very little, to these horses. As you can tell, they are all very large. They all compete as 3 day eventing horses, and I am feeding them only about 3-4 pounds per DAY! With all the other feeds they were all getting 9lbs/day. Quite a difference for their guts and my wallet!

I love that it is so high in fat, but not too high in protein. David has shivers and requires a very high fat feed, so I have been top dressing the Quiet Power with the All Around supplement. It allows me to give him extra fat, without over graining him.
I also found they all seemed to shed out faster. The horses have been on the feed about 5 months. They all love it!!!! Even the mini donk.
I plan to add the fat supplement to all 3 horses winter feed to help them maintain good weight all winter. They live out 24/7.
I really don't have adequate words to express how much I love Quiet Power. I have been searching a long time to find a feed with high fat and protein. It was a difficult thing to find in our area, and I'm so glad Seaman's started carrying this!!!! I have a BS in Equine Science and know the importance of not overgraining, but also maintaining quality nutrition. With Quiet Power I can give them all they need nutritionally, without overfeeding and risking ulcers.
I have reduced my feeding costs by 2/3 each month.

Thank you for making me, my horses and my wallet, happy!!!!                                                                                     

                                                                                              Autumn Grogan - Belleville, WV

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